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Total Operational Assessment


 Rozga Business Solutions LLC follows a structured procedure to review your business processes, information systems, and the methods you employ to achieve operational productiveness and efficiency. The aim is to examine your business through operational assessment in light of your organizational culture, growth objectives, customer experience and brand promise. We offer a set of recommendations in the form of measurable results which will help you grow and strengthen the core of your organization.   

Retail Optimization


  At Rozga Business Solutions LLC, we develop quality floor plans to capitalize on product placement, assortment, availability, and pricing. We provide data driven analysis to make quality product placement decisions in alignment with customer traffic flow throughout the retail space. In addition, a detailed review of the inventory investment is analyzed to ensure appropriate product mix to reflect the local demographics.   

Construction Management


In a highly competitive retail environment, it has become essential to keep up appearances and provide an appealing shopping environment. Rozga Business Solutions LLC provides construction management services in the retail space. Our team will provide project oversite from project inception through to closeout. Our goal is to assist our clients with sourcing a quality GC that will deliver on scope standards, schedule, and budget. Communication, leadership, and accountability are core principles that allow us to deliver successful projects repeatedly. 

Leadership Development


  Leadership development increases the effectiveness of teams and individuals enabling them to accelerate company results. Rozga Business Solutions LLC provides Leadership development training to promote excellent execution of company strategies, inspiring and motivating others, and driving individual and team performance.    

Customer Analysis


 Trade area analysis and consumer insights are crucial parts of business planning. Rozga Business Solutions LLC offers an in-depth trade area analysis to understand the target market, key traffic drivers, competition and demographics. Then we will conduct consumer intercepts and or focus groups to learn firsthand the demands and expectations of the consumer.