SC Fuels

Retail Optimization Project

Result- Increased Revenue by 16% and implemented process and procedures resulting in improved productivity.

Analyzed existing business process and procedures and identified several areas of opportunity.  Developed Job Assignments, Store Inspections, Food Service Forecasting, Vendor Log, Vendor List, Maintenance Log, Sales Tools, and Communication Tools to provide structure and create accountability. Team feedback was overwhelmingly positive, improved productivity, and enhanced current operations.

Key tactics leading to the project success include:

  • Trained and coached management team to improve leadership and time management skills.
  • Utilized a Project Task List keeping the team aligned to commitments and deadlines.
  • Created a culture of Selling vs. Vending mentality by setting and communicating clear Sales Goals.
  • Updated Price Book and promotions to align with current market.
  • Remerchandised stores to improve product assortment and capitalize on customer traffic flow.