Shortage Remediation Project

Result- Reduced Shortage by 67%

Identified opportunities to address an ongoing internal shortage problem of $2,100 per month. Implementing shortage control tools and developing the Store Manager’s soft skills to create accountability led to a 67% reduction in shortage.  Overall shortage was reduced to .3% TTL Sales, far below the industry average.

Key tactics leading to the project success include:

  • Set clear expectations though team and individual employee meetings.
  • Employee coaching and training to correct process and procedure discrepancies.
  • Daily accountability to cash, lotto, and lottery variances.
  • Coached Store Manager to utilize appropriate tools and reports to monitor and control variances.
  • Trained Store Manager to have effective counseling sessions with employees and to properly document discussions.
  • Coached management team on proper procedures to prepare for audits and work collaboratively with the auditors on-site.